The History Of Rock!

The History Of Rock!

Saturday 2nd February 2019 We are proud to present......

THE HISTORY OF ROCK – All new Musical Extravaganza

Where were you when Robert Plant climbed that stairway toheaven or Guns N Roses knocked on heaven’s door? Who can forget Clapton’s blistering riffs orFreddie Mercury’s four octave vocal range?

Allow the all new musical extravaganza THE HISTORY OF ROCKto propel you back to the best days of music in a celebration of the very bestof CLASSIC ROCK through the ages from Chubby Checker’s iconic Twist and theseeds of Rock & Roll, the unforgettable instrumentals of Jimmy Hendrix inthe 60’s, to Led Zeppelin, Cream and many more classic rock tunes of the 70’s,80’s and 90’s.

This is a must for any fan of ROCK to experience the iconicmusic of 4 decades brought back to life by an exceptional 7 piece band of thefinest session musicians and performers from around the world. Withaccompanying visual footage of the original bands and artists and incredibleconcert staging and lighting, THE HISTORY OF ROCK will take you back to thegolden age of music.

“For those about to Rock, We Salute You!”

Standard price tickets will be £19 but are available to email subscribers until 10th August 2018 for £17.

Please click Here to book.
02 Feb 2019 at 8:30pm
until 02 Feb 2019 at 10:45pm
Bank Street
Brierley Hill

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Building a vibrant community facility

Brierley Hill Civic Hall has been host to artists, performers and theatre production since the 1960s and is in the heart of our community. In recent years, its usage had dropped while costs have remained or risen. The Hall was often closed during the day and it was not operating at its full potential as a hive for all sorts of activity.

Rejuvenating the Civic

In February 2015, Dudley Council entrusted Dudley CVS with rejuvenating Brierley Hill Civic Hall on an 18-month trial. This is part of Duduley MBC's move to become a 'community council', a council that enables and supports communites to do things for themselves rather than being a body that does things to or for people and communities.

During the trialIn the first two months of the trial, Dudley CVS:

  • built relationships with existing users, schools, colleges, voluntary organisations, promoters, artists, businesses and entertainers.
  • welcomed and engaged anyone who wanted to make great things happen at the Civic. In March 2016, Dudley CVS threw open the doors of the Civic. People who had never been before toured the space, sharing their ideas and inspiration, while past users shared their experiences. Around 60 people joined Dudley CVS to share their inspiration. The report (written and visual) can be viewed at
  • shared and held open conversations with the media, residents, colleges, businesses and promotoers. Conversations have been shared more then 200 times online.
Dudley CVS is looking forward to building upon this, to encourage local talent to use the Civic Hall as a showcase for their skills and ensure that the Civic reflects local heritage and is a vibrant community hub for everyone.
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